Foster families make a great sacrifice when they decide to take in children that have been displaced from their homes.  Unfortunately, this may cause a financial burden on the family.  As a result, they might not be able to provide for the children as they would like.  We want to help these families by collecting items that they may have difficulty affording.

We have developed a program to assist foster families in Douglas County when they are suddenly placed with a child.  When a family finds out last minute that they are going to bring a child into their home there are many items needed.  When this happens our contact in Douglas County will contact us with a list of items needed.  We will then send an email to our list of people who want to be informed about these situations asking if they have any of these items at home or would like to purchase something.

Would you like to be on this email list when situations arise?  We will have many situations throughout the year and don’t expect you to get something for each one, but if anything the email will serve as a reminder that you can pray for the family as well.  If you would like your email to be added to the list please Contact Us and provide your name and the email you want added.

We were able to bless five foster families with donations in 2012!!