Paying for an adoption is expensive.  There are many grants and loans that you can apply for, but there is no guarantee you will get those.  If you haven’t yet applied for any of these grants or loans you can see some organizations listed here to do so.  Besides applying for these you will undoubtedly still need to raise some money on your own to help fund your adoption.  Listed below are some specific fundraisers that we have come across along the way.

Please take some time to look into these as a way to help you raise some money.  Some might be better for your family than others.  Also, if you are in the Twin Ports area and putting on a fundraiser please contact us to let us know of any way we can help.  We’d love to help you with it and even promote it some for you!  Our goal is to band together with families interested in adopting to help them come up with the means to do so.

  • The Ultimate List of Adoption Fundraisers: We have a bunch of items listed below, but wanted to mention this list first as it has a TON more!!
  • Set up a Fundraising Account: There are many non-profit organizations that allow you the opportunity to set up an account with them as a way to raise funds for your adoption.  The great part about this is that people who donate can get a tax deduction for doing so while helping their family or friend.  Many of these organizations provide you with a web page where you can direct people to for more information or to donate.  This allows you to tell a little bit of your story and share your need.  Also, they provide assistance for how to go about writing a letter you can send to family and friends asking if they would prayerfully consider supporting your adoption!  For those not called to adopt, this is a great way to help bring a child into a loving home through the gift of adoption!  Here’s a list of organizations we’re aware of that you’re able to set up these fundraising accounts through:
  • Adoption Rummage Sale:This is a very realistic approach to fundraising.  If you get your family and friends involved you can make it a big deal.  You’d be surprised what others will donate to your sale that they were planning to get rid of.  They’d rather give it to a worthy cause then send it off to Goodwill.  A key here would be to utilize Facebook as a promotional tool.  We had one family who did a two day sale that raised just over $2,400!  If that wasn’t enough the following year they did it again and that time raised $4,400 for a two year total of close to $7k!!  So it can definitely be worth it.
  • T-Shirt Sales:One of the most popular adoption fundraisers consists of selling t-shirts.  Here are a few organizations that you can go through for this:
  • CoupAide:This fundraiser provides your supporters with a useful and valuable incentive in return for their contribution to your fundraising campaign. Each time a supporter donates $20, they instantly receive a $50com e-gift certificate good to over 18,000 restaurants nationwide. Families collect $10 for each e-gift certificate sold!
  • Coffee Sales Fundraiser:Below are a couple of organizations that offer fundraising campaigns for selling coffee.
  • Dinner/Silent Auction: You could do one or the other or both to maximize the outcome.  You’d want to get some assistance from your local church with this one.  They might be able to provide the space for you to hold the event free of charge.  If your church has done this kind of fundraiser for other programs try to tap their experience in the area.  Look into seeing if a local grocery store or other business(es) would consider donating the food for the meal in return for promotion.  You’ll also need to recruit the workforce that will prepare the meal, set up, clean up, etc., but, but this could be pretty profitable.
  • Benefit Concert: Do you know someone that is musically talented?  Perhaps consider approaching them to see if they would be interested in putting on a concert where the ticket proceeds would go towards your adoption fundraising.  This is a great way to raise funds through entertainment while bringing awareness to adoption in the process!
  • Lifesong Both Hands Project: Lifesong for Orphans has developed a program to fully encompass God’s heart in James 1:27 to support widows and orphans.  Both Hands’ purpose is to help people raise funds for their adoption while serving widows through home improvement projects.  It is a very unique approach that has become a very successful fundraiser for many families.  You can click on the header above for more info.