Choosing to grow your family through adoption can be an expensive process. Fortunately there are organizations out there that want to assist you on your journey.  We have learned about an organization, Fund Your Adoption, that has put together an excellent listing of grants including a grant matrix that families can use to determine which grants would apply to them.  They update the listing twice a year so it is never that out-dated.

On the link below you can see a listing of the grants, but you can also request the free grant matrix.  This tool is extremely useful and we highly recommend each adoptive family request it as it also has templates to help keep track of grants applied for, tracking for adoption expenses, net worth, & income/expenses which are all areas of the adoption you need documentation on as your journey through the finances of adoption!

Fund Your Adoption Grant Page Link

Interest-free Adoption Loans

Another excellent financial resource for adoptive families are interest-free adoption loans.  On the Fund Your Adoption link below you can find more out about the benefits of these loans along with their listing.  We have also listed the most common ones below:

401(k) Loan

Before you take a loan out from someone else, consider borrowing from yourself. Many company 401k plans allow employees to borrow up to 50 percent of their current 401k balance. The big advantage of this is that you are paying yourself interest. The downside is that if you change companies, you will be expected to pay off the loan or take the 10 percent tax penalty on the loan amount as an early withdrawal.