Adoption Info

Adoption Connection

This is a support system for families who have been touched by adoption or foster care.  We meet once a month.  Click the link above for more details!

Adoption Guide

This information will help guide you through the adoption process.

Adoption Grants/Loans

As you may have already discovered, adopting a child can be expensive.  Click on this link for information about different grants or interest-free loans that are available to help you finance your adoption.

Adoption Fundraising Ideas

Click on this header to find out a variety of ways to finance your adoption through fundraising.

Adoption Tax Credit

Did you know you can get money from the IRS for adopting a child? Check out this link for more information on this credit.

Click to check out this effort to Save the Adoption Tax Credit!

Other Adoption Financing Ideas:

  • Use funds in your savings accounts
  • Take a loan against your 401K
  • Use a home-equity loan
  • Refinance your auto loan at a lower rate
  • Cut your food budget using more coupons
  • Eat out less, brown bag lunch
  • Raise your insurance deductibles on auto and home policies
  • Make items to sell at craft shows
  • Sell items on eBay
  • Take a second job or part-time job
  • Hold a pancake breakfast, spaghetti dinner, or bake sale at your church